Bike It Forward with Schwinn--and Win a Bike for Yourself, Too

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This contest is now closed. The winner is: STARGIRL_46. Congratulations!

The Bike Month festivities continue. You were so stoked about last week's bike giveaway that we found a second bike to give away. WooHoo!

Schwinn has generously offered to give away an Avenue bike (a $244 value) to one lucky reader as a way to promote a great program called "Bike if FWD." (There is a men's and a women's version, so the winner will be able to specify.)

In addition to the contest on dailySpark, Schwinn is offering you another way to win:

“Now through May 31, Schwinn wants to help you and your friends celebrate May Bike Month this year with Bike it FWD. It’s fun, easy and lets you spread the joy of riding. Enter to win a bike for a friend and if you win, Schwinn will return the favor and you’ll get a bike, too. Enter to win a bike for a friend and if you win, Schwinn will return the favor and you’ll get a bike, too. Drawings daily. It’s simple – pick a friend, pick a bike and Bike It FWD. Use Facebook or email to choose a friend you’d like to Bike it FWD to, by visiting or Ride Schwinn on Facebook. Choose the Schwinn bike that you think your friend would most like to win, from Schwinn’s variety of categories - Mountain, Hybrid, Kids, Road, Cruiser, Urban and Bike Path. Every time you pick a friend and Bike It FWD, you’re entered to win again!”

To enter, click here! Be sure to read the rules. This contest will end next Friday at 9 a.m.!

Why do you want to win this bike? To whom would you "bike it forward"?

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i would love to have this bike, right now my daughter and i walk everywhere. Not bad for excersize but very time consuming for errands. Biking is also GREAT excersize but i would get alot more done in the day if i could have a bike. Report
I would "Bike it FWD" to my friend who recently completed surgery on BOTH of his knees and has been complaining about how his old bike doesn't seem to do the job the same anymore. He has been an avid biker for years now and there is a very nice trail near his house we would like to try out, but he just hasn't been up to it. Report
My husband and I are just starting to bike, and I would love to bike one forward to my daughter who is in need of some major weight loss and could bike with us..we would love to have a couple of first bike was a schwinn...long, long ago. Report
I would Bike it forward to my son,he would love to bike with me. Report
Awesome! I have bike it forward, I have some friends that really need a good bike to ride and to win it would be awesome!!!! Report
Dont know why I sohuld care - can't enter anyhow. I got 2 road bikes I should take in and get fixed could do it myself but too many other things on the go. Report
I'd bike it forward either to my dad or a fellow Sparker. Report
We need a new bike. We are using bikes that we bought in early 80's! Would forward a bike to my DH my biking friend! Report
Bike's have been on our list for a couple years now. But something else always pushes them out of our budget. Would love to win this! Report
Awesome! Would love to win it. :) Report
Like many people, a bike has been on my list for a while now. I never seem to have the money to spare but have been saving for a Schwinn Hybrid ( a classic brand no matter what those Trek fans tell you!). I would bike it forward to my big brother. He has helped me financially in the past when medical bills have been an issue. Now his triglycerides are so far off the charts (although he is not overweight and has a physically strenuous job), I would like to do something nice for him. His new girlfriend is a bike rider too and I would have some people to ride with and be motivated by. Report
I would love to finally have a bike again. It has been on my wish list now or years but I havent had the money in the budget. I would also like to bike it forward to my husband who has done so much for me and who I know would enjoy the bike as well Report
I have signed up for my first race ever and it's an adventure race with running, biking, and kayaking. I have the running gear, I have someone who is loaning my a kayak but no one has a bike that I know and would love to win one for this event!!! It would be an awesome kick start to my first adventure!!! Report
Biking has been my absolute PASSION when I was younger. Unfortunately my bike is 100 miles away with my family and a younger sibling has taken dibs on it. I couldn't bring my bike up with me so I'm not able to ride one anymore. To win this bike would be so amazing. It'd really bring back that old passion into my life. Report
I always wanted the kind of bike that we used to ride on the Wildwood, NJ boardwalk (now Ocean City, MD). Report
I would love to win one for my husband. We had to sell ours a few years ago to raise some cash. It would be great to go biking again. Report
I have never owned a bike of my own. I would love to give my grandson a bike of his own. Report
My fondest memories are of riding my bike everywhere in the small town I grew up biking everywhere. My most painful experience was in finding out my weight is in my way of riding a normal bike. I am saving for a special bike to ride until :normal" becomes part of my vocabulary again. Meanwhile what fun to ride with my best friend and care giver Joe. I put foreard his name to win this wonderful Schwinn bike. Report
My first bike was a Schwinn that my grandfather bought for me. I love Schwinn. Report
I would love to win a bike, but I would really love for my husband to win one also. I have had arthritis since I was 10, so exercise is challenging for me. Biking is one great way to get in shape. I would love to have a buddy to go with me and we can both get in shape together. Report
I would love to bike it forward to my hubby. He lent his to someone who needed one, and now when I ask him to go biking with me, he always answers that he gave his away, and he can't. Otherwise he would do it for sure!!!
If he had one, that would be true :-)
An amazing thing happened to me yesterday. I started a blog about it last night and then fell asleep. I plan to share some more details today. In short, I figured out how to make bicycle commuting work in my life, and yesterday I did it! Instead of sleepy and grumpy, I got to work feeling energized and happy. I realized I could drive the first 5 miles, park the car, and bike the other 10 (what took me so long?). It was definitely doable, and I can work up to biking door to door. The problem is more the difficulty of the terrain rather than the additional miles. I'm taking it easy today, but I can't wait to do it again on Monday, rain or shine. My bike, by the way, is a Schwinn. I always enjoy your blogs. Keep up the good work!
Janet Report
I would love to win the bike for my granddaughter Kaylee. Can't afford to buy her one so, winning would be AWESOME !!! :) Report
I belong to a Clubhouse, a place where individuals with a mental illness go to learn how to go back to work. They regain dignity, self-respect and friendships. Last year our members earned 1.1 million dollars in the competitive work place! I would like to give the bike to John B. who has gone back to work five days a week in the hospital mailroom. He doesn't own a car and a bike would help him get around. Report
I would LOVE to win a bike for my Husband. The thing is, I have a three-wheeled bike, I"m handicapped and I love to ride. My Husband doesn't have a bike to ride with me. That would be GREAT if I could win this bike for him. Report
I would love to win a bike for my daughter who moved toDC. We decided her old bike needed too many repairs to be worth moving it Report
I didn't realize how expensive a good bike can run! I really want to get a bike for the whole family but thankfully we only need three (youngest two would need a trailer at this point) I've been wanting to bike, but not alone, for years. I haven't had one since I was a teen-I think my parents sold it when I went to college! Report
I would love to bike it forward to my grandson Brandon Bovee and my daughter Windy Higgins both.we always had schwinn bikes when we were growing up . really miss it now. would love to have one so I could get back into biking. Report
We always had Schwinn bikes. When my siblings and I turned 15 my Dad would take us to Schwinn to pick out a 10 speed for our b-day. I can still remember that day with him back in 1975!! We biked everywhere in those days. Report
I would love to win a bike for my grandson.
Rose :-) Report
I haven't ridden a bike in over 40 years, but would love to win one so that I could start riding with my 11-year-old granddaughter who is trying so hard to lose weight. I would also love to bike it forward to my daughter so she could ride along with us! How wonderful it would be for three generations to bike our way to fitness together! Report
I don't really have anyone to bike it forward to. Perhaps one of my classmates at Corban University Cohort 53, in an attempt to get them on the trail with me! I want a bike for myself so that I can start that next level of my goal..I can walk, now I want to be able to bike, then after sustaining that for a while I want to transition into starting to run. I'm still so heavy that even biking is painful but I'm ready to try!! Report
Bike it forward to my neighbor, Jean who is 66 and wants to ride with if I win for her then I can ride with her. Prayers will be answered to exercise together Report
I would bike it forward to my mom. She has always been my biggest supporter in my weight loss journey and deserves it. Report
We are currently restoring our Schwinn, 1950s tandem! Of course our family could use a proper single rider as well and I'd like to bike it forward to my youngest granddaughter who will be needing a two wheeler this summer. Report
Yes! I would totally love to win a good-quality bike! Mine's cheap, and it shows. I "Biked it FWD" to my mom. She loves the old-fashioned bikes, and still uses her old one, but it'd be great to win her a new "old-fashioned" bike! Report
Another great giveaway from SparkPeople. Thanks for the chance to win! Report
I would love to win a bike - I haven't gone bike riding in YEARS Report
I havent been able to afford a bike for years! Report
wow a new bike that would be an awesome way to start the summer!!!! Report
I would love to bike it forward to my 12 year old grandson who is growing growing growing Report
I got my first bike when 8 or 9. It was a violet Schwinn Stingray with the banana seat and sparkly tassels on the handlebars. I called her Beauty. I miss biking and would love to start riding again. It would be great to run errands or just tool around town.
Is this bike suitable for larger people over 300#? Some are not and problems result. Report
Hubby could wait and bought one today for himself, no way we can afford two at one time, now I need one too, it is no fun riding alone! Report
I reallu want a bike. I have been praying for one !! Report
I just bought the Schwinn hybrid and I love to win one for my husband! It is a wonderful bike and I just can't put it away. It is the best toy i have ever owned! Report
I would love to bike it forward to Dawnwaterwoman Report
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