Are You Wearing the Right Size Bra?


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All right, ladies. What's one of the surest ways to get your day off to the wrong start? Wearing an ill-fitting bra. You're tugging, pulling and fidgeting all day just to keep the girls corralled.

Nancy recently wrote a great article about sports bras and the importance of finding one that fits properly and provides the right support for your activity level. As it turns out, 70% to 80% of us are wearing the wrong size sports bras!

Just as important as the right sports bra is the right regular bra, and most of us are wearing the wrong size in those, too. The wrong bra can make us look heavier than we are, and it can be painful and uncomfortable. The right bra can help with your posture and even give you a slimmer appearance. If you've gained or lost 10 pounds or more, you should be fitted for a new bra, and because they're meant to support, you should get rid of bras every six months.

A bra can be a woman’s best friend or their worst enemy, and it all depends on the fit. But unless you try on every bra in the lingerie store, how do you know what works best for you?

Macy's has a new website dedicated to helping women find the right bra. Short, informative videos show you how to measure yourself, how to know when a bra is too big or too small and how to create a more flattering bra for every outfit. Find info on laundering your bras, a fit guide, and more at Macy's Fit Matters.

As a bonus, Macy's has sent us two $20 gift cards that we'll be giving away so you can find the right bra for you! Standard dailySpark rules apply, and the contest runs through Friday at 6 a.m. EST. (Please don't comment on the rules. You will not be entered in the contest if you do!)

In the mean time, go to Macy's Fit Matters to watch the video, measure yourself and come back and tell us whether you were a different size than you expected! (As always, leave ONE comment below to enter the contest.)


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  • 1633
    I just would love to be able to find a bra that is pretty and practical. Being a larger size I can rarely find my size without a special order let alone be pretty or sexy looking. - 5/14/2009   11:42:52 PM
  • 1632
    I think I am wearing the right size, but it would be nice to know for sure. - 5/14/2009   11:02:34 PM
    It's great to see that kind of information shared. I worked in lingerie years ago. Many women were not informed on how to select the correct fit. And as we age, our fit can change- so it's important to know what correct fit is, regardless of what we were when we bought our last bra. Keep up the good work! - 5/14/2009   10:55:32 PM
  • 1630
    It's so hard finding a bra that fits. Maybe trying this size will work. Gotta go bra shopping & I hate it. - 5/14/2009   10:50:53 PM
  • 1629
    Wow, I'm a 42D... I've lost some girth. I think it was really helpful when she showed how to adjust the bra after putting it on. - 5/14/2009   10:46:09 PM
  • 1628
    Watched the Macy's video! I'd love to have some new Macy's undergarments! - 5/14/2009   10:19:20 PM
  • AESHAM25
    Wow, I need some new bras immediatiely! - 5/14/2009   10:00:42 PM
  • 1626
    Didn't learn too much from the video. I don't mind bra shopping or wearing them. - 5/14/2009   9:38:38 PM
  • 1625
    Sometimes the printed size doesn't mean it's going to fit. Definitely need to try them on to make sure. Styles make a difference. - 5/14/2009   9:37:53 PM
  • 1624
    same results as others here, got a different size than what the store says. shows my cup size much smaller than what actually fits. - 5/14/2009   9:27:16 PM
  • 1623
    In one weekend I was given three different bra sizes. A week later (at the same stores from the past weekend) I was given an additional two sizes. - 5/14/2009   9:02:31 PM
  • 1622
    Part of the reason I haven't gotten back into my exercise after my pregnancy is now compression sports bras hurt because I'm lactating and the other kinds just don't offer enough support for my new DD's - I'm actually kinda looking forward to getting back into a C cup! I've done these bra calculators before and I have to disagree with them sometimes. I think maybe the band measurement part is what is throwing me off... - 5/14/2009   8:58:17 PM
  • 1621
    Wow! My size has changed pretty dramatically with my weight loss. Enough said! - 5/14/2009   8:54:40 PM
  • 1620
    I hate wearing a bra and the measurements came back as the size I wear but I still have a hard time getting one that fits me properly. I am always pulling and tugging on it and the shoulder straps keep falling off. I have little silicone pads to help keep them up but they get sweaty. - 5/14/2009   8:50:57 PM
    Aww I hate buying boobs are weird, especially now that I've been losing weight =\ - 5/14/2009   7:54:14 PM
  • 1618
    okay, I have to admit it I almost have the bra size thing right. But, I have also used different calculators. But, I won't be buying any bras soon since my bras are currently getting larger due to toning of my bod. The website was helpful, a little. I prefer Curvations better. - 5/14/2009   7:35:24 PM
  • MEEKO2
    This is something I already knew but it is true you have to try on before you buy every bra is different. - 5/14/2009   7:34:13 PM
  • 1616
    I'm sorry but this is just wrong. My band size measures at 31.5 and around the fullest part is 37. According to Macy's I am a 36A. There is no possible way I could smash my boobs into an A cup- I can't even smash them into a C cup. I've been to 2 professional fittings since losing weight and both told me I am a 34C. In a 34 I have to get a DD. I just don't get it :( If anyone has any advice I would love to hear it! - 5/14/2009   7:03:31 PM
  • 1615
    I could use a new bra, but only those that close in the front. With only one arm that will raise up, it has become difficult to wear much of any thing these days. I would prefer not to wear one, but I need something while walking. I am not the size I expected but they seem to be still growing. - 5/14/2009   6:10:32 PM
  • 1614
    This is a very interesting article and is useful but I'm saddened by my measurements! It said I'm 36AA :( . I have lost 50lbs and obviously bodies change but seriously, some cleavage would be great! - 5/14/2009   5:54:43 PM
  • 1613
    the size is different, I've always used 36B and according to this technique I'm 38A, as soon as possible I'll go to Macy's to try bras in this size and see what happens - 5/14/2009   5:41:08 PM
    I was just talking to some girlfriends wondering how to find the right size. This should really help. - 5/14/2009   5:36:18 PM
  • 1611
    I actually learned something! I am at work so I can't measure myself, but I will when I get home. Thanks! - 5/14/2009   5:17:26 PM
  • 1610
    Replace bras every six months??? YEAH RIGHT, not on my budget. - 5/14/2009   5:07:41 PM
  • 1609
    I just did this on another bra fitting website and got a different size for the same measurements! :-) - 5/14/2009   4:46:34 PM
  • 1608
    Everytime I measure myself it says I'm either an A or a B cup. I'm definitely bigger than that. I would love to find a bra that fits! - 5/14/2009   4:39:43 PM
  • 1607
    I have never had a bra that fits. - 5/14/2009   4:21:39 PM
  • 1606
    I'll have to check what size I've been buying, but these numbers suggested I need a larger size! - 5/14/2009   4:11:07 PM
  • 1605
    I'm SOOOO tired of not being able to get a good fitting bra! I need HELP!! - 5/14/2009   4:10:20 PM
    I would love to have a bra that fit again! - 5/14/2009   4:06:12 PM
  • 1603
    Just when you think you got the right size . . . =0) - 5/14/2009   3:34:32 PM
    I've not been properly fitted and my cup size is off. i will say a good bra cost alot of money.Good info. - 5/14/2009   3:33:36 PM
  • 1601
    Anyone else notice that there is a difference in sizing in some brands? - 5/14/2009   3:24:46 PM
  • 1600
    Every 6 months?! Wow. Guess I'm past due. - 5/14/2009   3:10:37 PM
  • 1599
    Thanks for the information! - 5/14/2009   3:09:45 PM
  • 1598
    I never know what my correct bra size is. It always seems to be different depending on the brand of bra. The people at Vicotria's Secret are always trying to fit me for a bra but I never feel comfortable with them in the dressingroom with me. I would love to know what size I should be wearing! - 5/14/2009   3:05:53 PM
  • 1597
    I'm sure i need a new one - i was just fitted a little while ago - but I think it's changed since then. - 5/14/2009   2:58:54 PM
    Wrong band size, wrong cup size - time to go shopping! - 5/14/2009   2:40:54 PM
    I have tried many bras and finally I am treating myself with victoria secret bras twice a year they fit well and looks great. - 5/14/2009   2:22:50 PM
    Thank you for posting this video. I always feel strange about going into a store and the ask "What size are you? Do you want me to measure you to find out?" - 5/14/2009   2:22:15 PM
    I am not sure I have ever been correctly sized. Good information. - 5/14/2009   1:53:55 PM
    I am on my way to try out my new size...Love this site always keeps me coming back...Thanks - 5/14/2009   1:45:43 PM
  • 1591
    I can never find the right size bra! This is wonderful! - 5/14/2009   1:44:05 PM
    I don't think I've ever had the right size bra.. Thanks for the info! - 5/14/2009   1:38:04 PM
    If they would make bras for practicallity it would be easier to find one that fits right. Have spent a ton of money on bras trying to find something that fits in the cup as well as straps that don't keep sliding off the shoulders. Hard to find the in-between cup sizes. Would love to find the perfect bra! - 5/14/2009   1:19:03 PM
  • 1588
    I've always wonder if I was wearing the correct size or not. - 5/14/2009   12:58:21 PM
    I can never find truly comfortable bras... because of my weight I'm a large band size, but my breasts are only a B cup (if that). I've never been professionally fitted because I'm too embarassed... maybe when I lose the weight I'll do it and splurge on some new bras/lingerie! - 5/14/2009   12:40:54 PM
  • 1586
    I had a fitting at the Maidenform store some time ago. But since I've lost some weight I think I need to change my size. - 5/14/2009   12:32:03 PM
  • 1585
    Great videos, I learned a few things. - 5/14/2009   12:17:39 PM
  • 1584
    So I just looked at their directions, when they say measure at the fullest part of your breast is that in or out of a bra? After nursing babies my "girls" don't really stand right unless I'm in a bra. Any ideas? - 5/14/2009   12:06:33 PM

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