Are You Wearing the Right Size Bra?


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All right, ladies. What's one of the surest ways to get your day off to the wrong start? Wearing an ill-fitting bra. You're tugging, pulling and fidgeting all day just to keep the girls corralled.

Nancy recently wrote a great article about sports bras and the importance of finding one that fits properly and provides the right support for your activity level. As it turns out, 70% to 80% of us are wearing the wrong size sports bras!

Just as important as the right sports bra is the right regular bra, and most of us are wearing the wrong size in those, too. The wrong bra can make us look heavier than we are, and it can be painful and uncomfortable. The right bra can help with your posture and even give you a slimmer appearance. If you've gained or lost 10 pounds or more, you should be fitted for a new bra, and because they're meant to support, you should get rid of bras every six months.

A bra can be a woman’s best friend or their worst enemy, and it all depends on the fit. But unless you try on every bra in the lingerie store, how do you know what works best for you?

Macy's has a new website dedicated to helping women find the right bra. Short, informative videos show you how to measure yourself, how to know when a bra is too big or too small and how to create a more flattering bra for every outfit. Find info on laundering your bras, a fit guide, and more at Macy's Fit Matters.

As a bonus, Macy's has sent us two $20 gift cards that we'll be giving away so you can find the right bra for you! Standard dailySpark rules apply, and the contest runs through Friday at 6 a.m. EST. (Please don't comment on the rules. You will not be entered in the contest if you do!)

In the mean time, go to Macy's Fit Matters to watch the video, measure yourself and come back and tell us whether you were a different size than you expected! (As always, leave ONE comment below to enter the contest.)


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  • 1683
    I got professionally fitted and I was way off on the cup size - but for the fit around my body I was right. This is amazing. When I was younger I just wore bras that stretched so that was cool. Stretch is not bad but it must support to some degree now. Although I find that weight lifting and keeing the muscles underneath the breast developed has helped with the breast not drooping, it has increased my cup size. Oh well - I now have the right sized bra and I love it. - 10/20/2013   4:35:22 PM
    I've written a post about how to determine if you are wearing the right/wrong bra size at: sophiajenner dot wordpress dot com - lots of women may find it useful. - 6/18/2011   2:23:30 PM
  • 1681
    I was amazed when I had a professional measure me. I was no where near the right bra size! - 5/19/2009   11:36:48 AM
  • 1680
    Boy, that was a very, very informative and I've been wearing the wrong bra size along. I will go out and buy the new bra size and see how it fits. I will also put it on as the showed. Cant wait - 5/19/2009   12:38:32 AM
  • 1679
    i can never figure out the right bra size because it varies from brand to brand. this measuring info is helpful. - 5/18/2009   10:57:56 PM
  • 1678
    What a wonderful and informative piece! Thank you very much. - 5/18/2009   12:46:49 PM
  • 1677
    Sports bra...Enell bras...saw it on oprah over a year ago and now I can actually jog on my treadmill comfortably!! Pricey but so worth it...go to their website if interested...I have not been able to find anywhere else. - 5/18/2009   8:29:50 AM
  • 1676
    boy was i way off i need to be bra'd immediately chibi - 5/18/2009   3:02:25 AM
    I always had a problem with bras if I don't try them on at store they never fit even if I have on that size it's like my body knows I didn't try it on - 5/17/2009   9:43:47 PM
  • RAC87EL
    I cant wear bras because they arent comfortable at all and I have scars from where bras have rubbed the flesh off of me and they made me feel like I couldnt breathe - 5/17/2009   6:07:18 PM
  • DHICE7398
    Oprah did a great segment on this topic - 5/17/2009   3:50:24 PM
  • 1672
    When I watched the video at Macy's, I thought, "yeah, yeah, right." But, to my surprise, that video is spot on!!! I bought a new bra yesterday, following their instructions, and wow!!! What a difference!! No tugging, no adjusting at all! I'm so glad I found these directions. Thanks, Stepfanie! - 5/17/2009   4:14:02 AM
  • 1671
    OMG! I have been wearing the totally wrong size. - 5/16/2009   6:33:38 PM
  • 1670
    wow i'm a totally diff size yikes - 5/16/2009   3:07:24 PM
    The larger I became, the more apparent the difference in the size of the two was. Unfortunately, losing weight did nothing to solve the problem. So, do I fit the bigger one or the smaller one? (This is a far cry from the 28AAA of my college days!) - 5/16/2009   11:24:15 AM
  • TASER87
    I didn't even realize how often I try to "fix" my bra during the day! I can't wait to get the right fit! - 5/16/2009   10:40:25 AM
  • 1667
    I need to get a new sports bra - 5/16/2009   9:26:45 AM
  • 1666
    I too wished I had seen this earlier. I had Breast Reduction surgery last Oct and I am having a very hard time finding bras that fit right. - 5/16/2009   6:50:45 AM
  • 1665
    Wish I would've seen this article before. :-\ - 5/15/2009   8:31:27 PM
    I have been losing the pounds, but I have not gotten a new bra. I would love to win a new one and have Macy help me choose one that fits correctly. - 5/15/2009   4:27:24 PM
  • 1663
    This is a great contest...I'm down to one bra...and even that is too big!!! - 5/15/2009   4:18:13 PM
  • 1662
    I worked in the Well Baby Nursery at a local hospital and was taught how to obtain a proper bra fitting, Man I was very surprized to see that I too was not wearing the proper size. Never thought to remeasure myself after having children and breastfeeding, Just was remeasured at Lane Bryant and was shocked to see that Measurement!!!! - 5/15/2009   4:07:52 PM
    This is a great article! Most women I know, myself included, usually pick out bras based on how they look on the rack, in the catalog, or when we initially put them on. But a few of mine become extremely uncomfortable as the day wears on. I'm going to check out this website and find out how to shop better next time I buy bras! - 5/15/2009   1:58:51 PM
  • 1660
    I don't know that I have EVER had the right size bra! Really. I pull straps back up on my shoulder, tug it down in the front, bulge out of the sides or deal with wrinkles on slinky shirts. This such a good article. - 5/15/2009   1:31:05 PM
    I think I am too late. really disappointed. There is not a bra in this life time that fits me. I have 1,000 really I have them for years and years. Rikes is some of the bras I have. That was macy's in Ohio before economy went down the tubes in the 80's - 5/15/2009   1:28:30 PM
    Thanks for the SUPPORT and all the great articles! - 5/15/2009   12:29:32 PM
  • 1657
    I have to agree. I know my size-I check it anytime I need a bra. However, I almost always have to mail order mine b/c it's very hard to find a store that will stock 36G on a regular basis. Sigh. - 5/15/2009   12:20:30 PM
  • 1656
    You are exactly right about it being easier to find out what size you need than to find a Bra you like that is in your size, and is comfortable. - 5/15/2009   12:09:15 PM
  • 1655
    Knowing my size and being able to find it in a store are two different things! - 5/15/2009   11:57:57 AM
  • 1654
    oops, too late! - 5/15/2009   10:52:26 AM
  • 1653
    I hope I am not too late, I know that I am wearing the wrong size!! - 5/15/2009   10:51:37 AM
    Thanks for entering the contest. There were 1648 valid entries! Stay tuned for more info on the winners! - 5/15/2009   9:11:42 AM
  • 1651
    I've recently dropped 20lbs (thank you, Sparkpeople & Jenny Craig! Still plenty more where that came from, though...), and it feels like I spend all my time (and money!) buying new clothes. New bras happened 10lbs ago, and I guess I'm due again. By the time all this is over, I'm going to have bras from 36c - 44d.... - 5/15/2009   8:56:40 AM
  • 1650
    I got fitted a couple of years ago and was shocked! All this time I was wearing a 36B and then they tell me I should be in a DD!! Unfortunately mine are shaped like pancakes instead of melons but the bras fit so much better now that I'm in the right size! - 5/15/2009   8:49:24 AM
    It's good to know that I'm buying the correct bra size. But I wasn't aware of the every six months. I usually purchase a new bra around every 8-10 months. - 5/15/2009   8:32:36 AM
  • 1648
    My bra size has changed so dramatically over the years - between children, nursing, weight loss and now weight training - I'm luck if I'm a AAA (LOL). I can't ever seem to find a bra that fits correctly - if the the band fits the cups are too big and if I buy something for the cups to fit I can't fasten the band.

    Most of my bras are padded and still have extra room in the cups! It would be great to have a nice bra that really fit well. - 5/15/2009   5:48:10 AM
  • 1647
    I get a fitting every year, usually in the spring (I am due for one now). Last year, I was surprised to learn that my cup size had gone up, but am grateful for the UK cut bras that fit me so much better than US bras. Fantasie and Freya are my fave brands! - 5/15/2009   5:32:19 AM
    I got measured at VS a couple of years ago, and have stuck with approximately the same size. By doing it the Macy's way, I got a totally different size and I'm pretty sure it's wrong! - 5/15/2009   3:11:14 AM
  • 1645
    I know my bras are fitting funny I need to check out the web site and see how off I am - 5/15/2009   3:06:45 AM
    Boy, am I years off, some of mine are 10 years old! - 5/15/2009   2:56:22 AM
    good article, I need to go in for a fitting. - 5/15/2009   1:32:52 AM
  • 1642
    I thought my bras were tight fitting but by a whole size!!!!! Wow and wow. Thank you for this. Now I know what sixe I have to buy when I can. Til then, I'll continue squeezing into the ones I do own... - 5/15/2009   1:30:17 AM
    I was fitted not too long ago at Lane Bryant but I don't think they did it right because according to the Macy's site I'm different than what they told me. Thanks so much for the information! - 5/15/2009   1:05:29 AM
    Yep, the size is smaller once again! - 5/15/2009   12:56:01 AM
  • 1639
    i actually just fitted myself like a week ago. ^_^ - 5/15/2009   12:49:19 AM
  • 1638
    Wow! Have I been wearing the wrong size bra!....I've been way off for years according to Macy's! - 5/15/2009   12:22:57 AM
  • 1637
    I'm not sure I believe the results of my measuring, but I'm tempted to order something in this size when I get some time to see if they're right :) - 5/15/2009   12:14:16 AM
  • 1636
    Wow, I used the Macy's fit calculator and that is not the size I'm wearing. Or have ever worn. Excuse to go shopping! - 5/14/2009   11:50:39 PM
  • 1635
    Well, what an enlightening bunch of video tips! I'm going to get my measuring tape right NOW! - 5/14/2009   11:47:08 PM
  • 1634
    I don't think I am wearing the right size bra!! I will check out the "Fit Matters" site and measure to find out. - 5/14/2009   11:42:56 PM

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