Adult Acne: Prevention and Treatment


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Acne can rear its ugly head long after the teen years. Learn why you're dealing with zits and pimples now, and what products you can use to get clear skin.

You probably thought pimples were a high school thing like late passes and SAT words. Not—over 30 million Americans struggle with adult-onset acne, and even those who got off scot-free as teens aren't exempt. Unfortunately, women break out more than men, thanks to a perfect storm of genes, stress, and fluctuating hormones that triggers oil production. Trouble spots this time around tend to be the jawline, neck, and chest, says David Bank, MD, a dermatologist in Mount Kisco, New York. 

One remedy experts recommend is chemical-free and doesn't cost a cent. The Rx: R-E-L-A-X. Stress is a major cause of zits. When you're in freak-out mode, your body reacts by pumping out cortisol (the stress hormone), which stimulates oil glands, leading to breakouts. Modern life is to blame, says Ava Shamban, MD, a dermatologist in Santa Monica, California. The complicated juggle of a husband, kids, a job, and a household to run take a toll on skin. Exercise, good nutrition, boosting protein, and adequate sleep can all help.
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How do you prevent and treat acne?

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    I recently took dairy out of my diet and discovered that it wreaked havoc on my face when I consumed it. I have suffered from acne for many years. I took accutane when I was a teen and my acne was healed for a couple of years. But it has been a battle the past couple of years. I use Trader Joe's tea tree face wash and coconut oil on my face. My face is now in the healing process but I am getting a chemical peel next week to speed up that healing. - 6/14/2012   4:27:57 PM
    I like that the Anti-Aging Skincare article stops at the 50s! What, people in the 60s just have to live with what they've got and give up? - 6/14/2012   10:59:47 AM
    This post is well written and informative. I don't comment often, but it doesn't cost me anything to say it when itís true. Cheers.

    - 6/14/2012   4:57:57 AM
  • 10
    This was a good article and I tried the link and was redirected to Family Circle, an article on Adult acne. - 6/13/2012   2:32:30 PM
  • 9
    "Click here for more hints"?????? It was ALL ads. 15 different products!!!!!
    I'm really disappointed in SparkPeople! - 6/13/2012   10:22:14 AM
    All that problem has been solved for me by drinking tons of water, cutting red meat and cleaning my face before going to bed. - 6/13/2012   7:04:27 AM
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    I had severe acne since I hit puberty. Then when I went on birth control, it resolved and I thought it was hormones. When I went off the pill, my acne returned. Recently, a friend suggested I start taking probiotics. That helped a lot. I also had issues with milk, so I cut that back to the weekends and my skin has cleared up significantly. So if nothing else, I'd suggest the probiotic, not just yogurt. It's a heck of a lot cheaper than a dermatoligist appointment and medication. - 6/12/2012   4:59:58 PM
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    I had bad acne into my 40's and finally got rid of it by using Accutane, a drug that is now under investigation. To think that it might have been as easy as jus t relaxing! - 6/12/2012   12:16:59 PM
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    I barely broke out as a teenager but suddenly in the last few months have gotten horrible acne around the jawlin and mouth area. It is absolutely terrible not only for your self esteem but it hurts! I finally went to the dermatologist after trying every natural and chemical product out there. I even changed my diet to see if I was possibly allergic to dairy. Turns out, it is because I had switched birth control pills and my body was completely thrown off. I am now taking a medication orally and using retina micro cream at night. I was told it could take 2 months before I saw a real change. Each day though, I am noticing that the acne is less red and spots are starting to fade. Thank goodness for dermatologists! - 6/12/2012   9:29:37 AM
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    I switched from harsh conventional products (Oxy, Clearasil) to more nature products (mostly Burt's Bees) and realized my skin breaks out because it's sensitive! If it seems like nothing works, I would suggest switching to products formulated for sensitive skin and don't be afraid to moisturize! - 6/12/2012   9:04:31 AM
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    I use a paste of honey and cinnamon. It works like WOW! It smells good, looks funny and I love it. It doesn't cost much also! - 6/12/2012   8:43:50 AM
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    I've had terrible spots from childhood right to present day (36 now) the only thing I've found is an american cleansing system - It's expensive but really works - only had 2 spots since Christmas since starting to use them....
    exercise and good nutritian just doesn't make a difference for me, and when I was running a lot, they were worse! - 6/12/2012   8:23:19 AM
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    Bliss has a great serum, "No zit sherlock". It is an all over face serum for everyday to prevent/correct spots and it helps brighten skin. I use it on my chin and nose. Really helps reduce my hormonal breakouts and my blackheads. - 6/12/2012   7:19:48 AM

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