8 Ways to Clean the Fitness Gear You Always Forget to Clean


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You don't even want to know what kinds of things could be growing on that water bottle you've kept in your hot car's cup holder for the last six months. Same goes for that gym bag sitting by the front door housing last week's forgotten soaked clothes.

It's no secret that germs are lurking all over your gym, but what about the ones hiding out in the equipment you lug back and forth to the gym or rely on for your at-home workouts? Taking the time to wipe down and care for your yoga mat or plastic water bottle is just as essential as washing your sweat-drenched, post-workout tank top and leggings. Neglecting to do so could result in your gym equipment becoming home sweet home to some unwelcome and unpleasant bacteria

"Workout and fitness items are often a breeding ground for germs and and bacteria, as they are damp and moist, [which allows] bacteria to easily multiply," Melissa Maker of Clean My Space says. "Germs are spread easily in workout spaces as equipment is shared, so airborne illnesses transfer from one item to the next, which makes cleaning your equipment all the more important."

Incorporating basic maintenance of your personal workout gear into your overall routine will not only keep you safe from being sidelined by illness, but you'll also be giving yourself peace of mind and an inviting, fresh atmosphere for your sweat sessions. "Cleanliness definitely affects overall health and wellbeing, as countless studies have shown," Maker says. "It is not just the basic fact that you are getting rid of harmful germs and bacteria, but it is proven that having a clean and organized space allows you to focus better and relax easier." 

Keep these easy cleaning recommendations on hand for all your sweatier-than-you-think pieces of gym equipment.

What are your favorite cleaning hacks for fitness gear?

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  • 17
    Don't forget clean/oiled/lubricated treadmills & other equipment is a good idea too! - 8/4/2017   1:04:34 AM
  • 16
    I always clean my gear on a regular basics. - 1/28/2017   9:21:42 AM
    Use Bar Shield to clean and protect your barbell! @barshieldusa - 10/7/2016   9:59:14 PM
  • 14
    Any suggestions on the best way to clean a camelbak? I clean the bladder of the camelback after each use, but I'm not sure about how to clean the cloth 'backpack' that holds the bladder. Can it just go in the laundry washing machine (minus the bladder)? - 10/4/2016   12:37:39 PM
  • 13
    Good Point!!!! Thank you. - 9/13/2016   2:59:41 AM
  • 12
    Never used to wash my gi (gym) bag. Used to wash my gi weekly. Never washed my sparring gear (take that person who stole my sparring gloves). - 9/12/2016   8:55:21 PM
  • 11
    Guilty on a few but always wash my water bottle and clothing.
    - 9/12/2016   7:49:46 PM
  • 10
    Commenters are giving a LOT of helpful hints as well!!!! Thanks to all for sharing - 9/12/2016   2:54:35 PM
  • 9
    Use a long furry "pipe cleaner" to scrub out those water bottle straws. I got mine at a craft store, I guess you can make fuzzy animals with them! - 9/12/2016   10:49:44 AM
  • 8
    Knee braces. I'm trying to keep them clean, but nothing I've done seems to keep them from smelling. - 9/12/2016   9:58:02 AM
  • 7
    Guilty - 9/12/2016   5:02:49 AM
  • 6
    I have never cleaned my yoga mat, and I have had it for a few years.... I have been thinking of getting a new one- along with some yoga mat cleaner...((it's not like I use it everyday so that isn't AS bad)

    Earbuds are about due too! - 9/12/2016   4:36:43 AM
  • 5
    If it smells, clean or wash it!
    -- My weight lifting gloves seem to do best if I soap them up while still wearing them. I scrub & rinse thoroughly. Then, roll in a towel to remove excess water. Hang gloves until dry. - 9/12/2016   2:35:16 AM
  • 4
    Washed two gym bags just the other day. In the washer. Came out fine. - 9/12/2016   1:24:39 AM
  • 3
    For stinky shoes (or sandals, or river shoes), I use tea bags. Make tea as usual, save the tea bags. Let them dry overnight. Then toss a dry but used tea bag into each shoe, and let sit overnight. The tea bag absorbs any odors, and the shoes are fresh again! - 9/9/2016   4:06:39 PM
  • 2
    and I wash my running jackets only when they start to stink, which is on average of once per winter. - 9/9/2016   7:33:04 AM
  • 1
    hahaahah I've had my weight lifting gloves for 10+ years and I have washed them exactly...once. - 9/9/2016   7:32:34 AM

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