7 Stunning Ways to Decorate with Typography


By: , – Judy Prouty; Craft styling by Suzonne Stirling, from Family Circle
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We'll spell it out for you: Decorating with letters and numbers gives everyday items instant personality.
Small Print
These decoupaged dishes make for an inspired display on a table and are equally at home with vintage glass objects.

Here's how: Enlarge clip art to the size of a transparent glass plate and print design on thin paper, such as lightweight resume paper. Cut pattern to size and shape of the plate. Spread a thin, even coat of decoupage medium over the underside of the plate and apply the clip art so that the image shows through the bottom of the plate. Smooth out air bubbles with your fingers and make sure all edges are adhered. Set aside to dry. If your clip art isn't perfectly flush with the plate's edge, use a fine sanding block to smooth the edges or trim with sharp scissors. Once the paper is fully dry, paint two or three layers of acrylic paint onto the back of the plate to seal it. (We used a champagne-colored acrylic paint to complement the clip art.) 
Alphabet Soup
Here's how: Collect old or new pieces, such as signs, printers' blocks, game cards, typography art—anything featuring numbers or letters. Choose a variety of shapes and sizes and arrange on a shelf.

Tip: Flea markets and garage sales are good sources for typographic ephemera, but you can also try online stores such as paper-source.com, etsy.com, and buysignletters.com for new items.
Letter Perfect
Here's how: For a large surface like this work space or a dining table, choose a big graphic pattern. Before you begin, read manufacturer's instructions and clean all areas where decals will be applied. Position decal and use adhesive tape to hold it in place. Peel off a small corner of the backing paper and continue to slowly remove while gently smoothing the decal onto the surface with hands or a brayer. When all the paper has been removed, press firmly to get rid of any rough spots. No top coat sealer needed.

Tip: Feel free to cut up a decal and rearrange the elements on a piece of furniture any way you like.

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What have you been using to decorate your home?

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    I love the idea that you have described here !! I also bought 5pcs of 600x900mm black steel coated sidewalk A-Board at http://www.bigbanner.com.au/product
    # and we can be easily written by white board pen.
    - 1/22/2014   11:46:17 PM
  • 14
    While I love all the healthy, helpful articles and blogs from SP , it's nice to have a few articles that aren't health related. Variety is the spice of life.
    I guess if you don't think you will be interested in the article, don't read it. - 3/13/2012   6:01:21 AM
  • 13
    I idea is cool but is it practical....... - 3/9/2012   2:56:10 AM
  • 12
    I love crafting and this is a great idea. Thanks for posting. I am a knitter so I use a lot of fiber-craft related items for decorating. Besides knitted pillows, for instance, I have a large showcase where I have my yarn stored in order of color. I have a planter that looks like a spinning wheel. I have some vintage spinning wheel spools as candleholders, and a unique vintage spinning chair as a decoration.

    I also love the beach so I have a lot of beach finds such as little dishes with mixtures of shells, agates and sea glass; interesting rocks I've found; corals; and japanese floats. - 3/7/2012   5:20:18 PM
    I love this! Thanks for posting!! - 3/7/2012   3:50:08 PM
  • 10
    I like the ideas, whether they're pertinent to SparkPeople or not. It's good to have a hobby. - 3/7/2012   2:17:20 PM
  • 9
    Environment does much for setting our moods. Since a cluttered home tends to make my mind and life feel cluttered, I keep it as simple as possible. - 3/7/2012   12:02:55 PM
  • 8
    Steve Jobs built a computer empire based on his love of typography.

    So, what does this article have to do with Spark People ? When people make a change to their bodies, they tend to look at their surroundings differently too. How many of us have lost weight and decided we needed to clean out our closet ? With SP, we learned to take better care of our bodies. And because of that, we decided to take better care of our surroundings too.

    So, why not have an article that teaches us to treat our homes the same way we treat our bodies i.e. with a little care.

    - 3/7/2012   9:32:08 AM
  • 7
    Thanks for sharing ideas like these from time to time. We are encouraged to keep our goals in front of us, post notes in strategic places to motivate ourselves, etc. This would be a decorative and pleasing way to do that. - 3/7/2012   9:17:06 AM
  • 6
    Sometimes we have to take our minds off of the food and constant health issues . Decorating and see the beauty around us can help inspire us to focus on other things in our life. I think this a wonderful idea! I have a room that I decorate with pictures I printed off of my horses and I am going to do this on plates. Why buy decorations of other peoples horses when you can decorate with your own ideas? - 3/7/2012   8:44:27 AM
  • WOLF648
    duh - 3/7/2012   8:08:31 AM
  • 4
    Agreed. This has nothing to do with SparkPeople. What are you thinking? It's just another advertisement for Family Circle. - 3/7/2012   8:05:58 AM
  • 3
    Nothing. I'm preparing to move, so I'm actually in the process of un-decorating. - 3/7/2012   7:57:41 AM
  • 2
    What does this have to do with SparkPeople? - 3/7/2012   2:01:48 AM
  • 1
    I just wrote out a long respose, and it disappeared :-(

    Anyways, I think that idea is Cool! Thanks for sharing it. What do I use to decorate? My family! They are all over this house, so I let them decorate. They will be grown and gone too soon, so let them have fun while they can! - 3/6/2012   11:33:38 PM

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