6 Ways to Increase Your Energy


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These smart, healthy strategies will put a little more pep in your step.

1. Get centered. A two- to three-minute mini-mindfulness meditation -- simply focusing on your breathing as you inhale and exhale, keeping thoughts to a minimum -- can release body tension, stop stress in its tracks and make you more alert, says stress expert Kathleen Hall.

2. Make a change. Experiencing new things gives us a little adrenaline rush, even if it's something as minor as wearing a new lip color, driving a different route to work or hitting a lunch place you've never tried before, says Hall.

3. Have a balanced snack. Going more than a few hours between meals can make blood sugar and mood crash, says Los Angeles dietitian Ashley Koff, R.D., coauthor of Mom Energy. You should always plan a carb, good fat and protein pick-me-up for you and your kids -- apples with almond butter, hummus with veggies, a handful of a good high-fiber cereal mixed with nuts -- between lunch and dinner. 
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    Lots of help. Thank You!!! - 4/10/2013   9:34:47 PM
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    I look forward to implementing these suggestions. Sounds like something that will help me. - 4/10/2013   9:45:36 AM
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    Good reminders. I try to do some deep breaths every day to use my lungs fully. It wakes me up too.
    I found I had low Thyroid function so adding the right meds brought me back to life. I also found that walking made me feel energized even if I had to push myself at first. Being sedentary made me feel tired as my muscles were getting weaker. Now I make the effort so I won't lose muscle. Low blood sugar can definitely make you sleepy, so i always have a small snack 3 times a day.
    Change is good too. We get bored with the sameness of routine at times, and a change of pace or venue is stimulating. I am house bound, so getting out to the shopping center helps me get more steps in, a lot more than I would at home.
    Taking a power nap is a necessity at times, and just doing something fun can energize you. - 4/9/2013   11:14:06 PM

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