6 Sleep Habits Every Family Should Follow


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Studies have shown that sleep helps you lose weight, improves your energy and even decreases your risk of heart disease. Follow these six steps for better shut eye this year.
Step 1: Prep for bed

Nightly routines aren't just for infants. They're essential for all ages. "Start a ritual about 20 to 30 minutes before bedtime to prepare the body for sleep," says Robert Oexman, D.C., director of the Sleep to Live Institute in Joplin, Missouri. It could include a hot bath (which decreases your core body temperature) or a cup of herbal tea. 
Step 2: Get your own top sheets and blankets

"Using separate ones can make up for different temperature needs you and your partner may have," says Dr. Oexman. Added bonus: You won't wake up when he steals the blanket.
Step 3: Stay in the dark

If you wake up in the middle of the night, don’t check your email or text messages—no matter how tempting. When your kids must have a night-light, use a low blue one. "These eliminate the blue wavelength of light that negatively impacts melatonin production," says Dr. Oexman.
Step 4: Lower the thermostat

About 68 degrees is ideal for catching 40 winks because it causes a decrease in your core body temp. If you get cold, covering up is okay. "It's exposing your head to cold air that naturally decreases your core body temperature," says Dr. Oexman.
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    The stay in the dark thing is very true, sometimes I have to get up and take my dog out, I try to stay in the dark and then I go right back to bed. if I turn on a light it seems to disturb my chances of falling asleep faster. good tips, in this busy age, we must prepare for sleep, it is essential to function properly. - 1/17/2014   10:00:29 AM
  • 2
    I have trouble sleeping when it is 68 degrees! I wake up repeatedly, chilled to the bone despite multiple heavy blankets. This 68 may be ideal for some folks, even for the majority, not for me if I want a decent night's sleep. Yet I've heard this repeatedly over the years. Who decided 68 is ideal? Oh well. Interesting about blue light. I wish I could find a clock with blue display; I turn my clock away from the bed because the day-glo orange-red is a problem. - 1/16/2014   3:25:02 PM
    Great blog. - 1/12/2014   2:48:25 PM

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