6 Healthy Chinese Recipes


By: , – Michael Tyrrell, Family Circle
8/16/2011 6:00 AM   :  16 comments   :  25,235 Views

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Family Circle's lighter, homemade versions of takeout favorites really deliver.

Moo Shu Vegetables
Makes: 10 wraps
Prep: 15 minutes
Grill: 6 minutes
Cook: 10 minutes, 30 seconds
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Sichuan Chicken
Makes: 6 servings
Prep: 15 minutes
Cook: 15 minutes
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Pepper Steak
Makes: 6 servings
Prep: 15 minutes
Cook: 15 minutes
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What is your favorite Chinese takeout dish?

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  • 16
    Camdencyclist was right....article is entitled SIX recipes and there are only three....where are the other three? - 7/18/2012   1:40:41 AM
  • 15
    The Moo Shu Vegetables looks great. I'm not a fan of tofu though. Maybe I'll make it with Gardein Chik'n Strips. Or maybe add some black beans for the protein. - 7/15/2012   3:13:31 PM
  • 14
    My favorite Chinese food varies depending on the restaurant but you can't beat good shrimp fried rice or veg lo mein. Alas, I haven't had either of those in about 2 years since they are so full of carbs. The restaurant that I used to go to weekly started having a lo carb menu but they were still serving rice with those options so it's best for me to just stay away unless I just want to have a splurge day. - 7/15/2012   9:08:23 AM
  • 13
    I like chinese food but I prefer Thai food to Chinese. The sauces are lighter and spicier! I especially like green currey dishes (hot) and Pad Thai with peanut sauce. - 7/15/2012   8:07:39 AM
  • 12
    I love General Taos but I haven't had any Chinese food in about 3 years. Too much salt. - 9/7/2011   6:51:40 PM
  • 11
    I really like Chinese food but don't want to purchase all the sauces that make the dinners taste soooo good! I already have enough sauces in my refrigerator. And when I make Chinese my husband acts like it's second rate anyways. So I guess we do takeout. - 8/29/2011   1:20:41 PM
  • 10
    We often choose Chinese when we eat out but the recipes always seem too complicated to fix at home. These recipes look easy and tasty though so I'll be trying some of them! Thanks for giving me another way to fix a meal that seems "special" at home! - 8/19/2011   9:07:27 AM
  • 9
    We never eat chinese. - 8/18/2011   9:41:58 AM
  • 8
    I like General Tso's chicken
    - 8/16/2011   6:41:37 PM
  • 7
    None of these would be healthy for me since I don't digest soy products well. - 8/16/2011   1:11:29 PM
  • 6
    I love sweet and sour chicken and chicken chow mein and stir fry rice! Yum! - 8/16/2011   11:35:00 AM
  • 5
    I'm glad to see a vegetarian recipe right at the top. It looks tasty but I think it would be better to press the tofu first (to learn how, google: how to press tofu). I thought there were going to be six Chinese recipes though! - 8/16/2011   11:03:59 AM
  • 4
    I love so much of proper Chinese food. The dishes are healthy if cooked coreectly with lots of heat and little fat when stirfrying!! - 8/16/2011   10:54:56 AM
  • 3
    Most people don't realize that traditional Chinese food is extremely healthy for a person. The problem is that the stuff we get in Chinese restaurants isn't traditional Chinese food. It's recipes adjusted for American tastes. As a result, many recipes are now loaded with too much meat, sugar, salt and fat.

    What's my favorite traditional food ? I like the soups. I'm a big fan of Chinese soups like a beef noodle soup or won ton soup. I also like short ribs in black bean sauce. And well, if I'm splurging, I'm a General Tsao's chicken fan too.

    Trivia, did you know there was a famous General Gao/Tsao, but he had no chicken ? LOL !

    There is a wonderful book called the Fortune Cookie Chronicles. It details the history of Chinese food in America.

    - 8/16/2011   9:47:03 AM
  • 2
    red chicken is my family's fav! I really would love to find a recipe for it! - 8/16/2011   9:03:14 AM
  • 1
    Kung Pao and/or General Tso's chicken! Black bean tofu...do I have to pick just one? - 8/16/2011   7:23:45 AM

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