4 Steps for Making Healthy Sandwiches


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By Family Circle

Whether you're brown-bagging it or stopping by the deli, choose a lunch -- without fattening condiments or extras -- that will keep you full until dinner. Aim for a sandwich that is around 400 to 500 calories, fiber-rich and loaded with veggies, says registered dietitian Elizabeth Ward. She shows you how in four simple steps, at FamilyCircle.com.

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What is your favorite sandwich combination?

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  • 11
    YUM!! :D - 8/2/2011   11:50:31 PM
  • REDSHOES2011
    Problem with that photo used, portion control I have used all my bread for the whole day in one serving.. I am not for low carbing, but a women gets max 3 slices a day and they should be spread over all three meals to keep a even blood sugar.. - 6/15/2011   1:35:43 PM
    Love sandwiches! They can be quick, are portable, and people can be endlessly creative with them. - 6/15/2011   8:17:59 AM
  • 8
    I'm not a sandwich maker. My children like sandwiches grilled on our "George Foreman." - 6/14/2011   3:53:48 PM
  • 7
    Thin sliced apples whith whatever meat, but especially turkey. - 6/14/2011   2:59:51 PM
  • 6
    egg salad - 6/14/2011   2:47:24 PM
    My favorite sandwich is a couple (super thin) slices each of ham and turkey breast with sliced tomato and romaine lettuce and a dab of hummus or mustard, either on rye, whole wheat or a high fiber/low fat tortilla. And a dill pickle on the side. Yum. - 6/14/2011   1:06:07 PM
  • 4
    Considering the prices of cold cuts @ the Deli counter I opt for family pax of boneless chicken breast & either pound small ones thin, or roast large ones, and slice thin. Makes a Great "Witch" on MultiGrain Bread/Roll. Add lettuce & tomato, then top w/ either Spicy Jalapeno, or Zesty Lemon Hummus instead of Mayo. Killer "Witch"!
    Their more affordable, get more for your $$$, and you know exactly what you eating, cause you made it ... - 6/14/2011   10:36:24 AM
  • 3
    My favorite kind of sandwich is Whole Wheat Deli Flat bread, about a tablespoon or two of light mayo, bread & butter pickle slices, one or two very small slices of ham, and usually one slice of Velveeta cheese. Delicious! - 6/14/2011   10:21:02 AM
    I do love a good sandwich. What's my favorite ? That's tough. One favorite is a grilled chicken sandwich with slices of heirloom tomato, goat cheese and arugula on whole wheat toast with dijon mustard.

    And some times, I'd be happy with canned tuna, a little mayo and pickles on toast.

    - 6/14/2011   10:14:54 AM
    Most of the slim sandwich recipes sound really good and I plan to try at least 4 of them. It would have been a better article if it gave an approximate for nutritional information on each one. I know the particular ingredients everybody chooses will affect that, but an approx. would be nice to go along with it. - 6/14/2011   10:13:54 AM

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