4 Moves to Rev Your Metabolism


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Boost Your Metabolism in 15 Minutes

The single best way to fire up your calorie burn is with total-body workouts that combine cardio with resistance training. “The goal is to use as many different parts of the body as possible, because the more you move, the more you’ll boost the burn,” explains trainer Jonathan Ross, author of Abs Revealed. Adding some cardio bursts between the strength exercises also ups the calorie burn while allowing your muscles to recover. The best part: You don’t need to leave your house!

How it works: Do this routine twice, flowing from one exercise to the next without taking a break. You’ll need a light (3–5 lb) or medium (8 lb) set of dumbbells.

Back Lunge

Works: Quads, glutes, calves, core
Stand with feet hip-distance apart. Lunge back with your left foot, bending both knees about 90 degrees. At the same time, reach both arms to the outside of your right knee. Keep head up, core squeezed. Step back to starting position. Lunge back with your right foot, bending knees about 90 degrees; reach arms to outside of your left knee. (This is one rep.) Do 10 reps.

60-Second Cardio Burst: Jumping Jacks!

Standing Row

Works: Upper back, arms, glutes
Stand holding a weight in your right hand, palm facing your body. Lean forward, stepping your left leg in front and bending slightly, placing left hand on left thigh. Lift weight toward right side of ribs, keeping head in line with spine and elbow close to body. Do 10 reps, then repeat on the other side.

60-Second Cardio Burst: Jog in Place!


Works: Quads, glutes, hips, arms, shoulders, core

Stand with feet slightly more than shoulder-distance apart, holding a weight in both hands in front of your stomach. Bend knees into a squat, pushing your bottom out behind you as if you’re sitting in a chair. Try not to let your knees go over your toes. Push back up to original stance. Repeat 15 times.

60-Second Cardio Burst: Run Up & Down Stairs!

Pelvic Lift

Works: Thighs, glutes, abs, core

Lie on your back, knees bent. Lift your pelvis off the ground, squeezing glutes and abs, so that your body (from knees to shoulders) is in a straight line. Hold for 2 seconds, then lower down. Repeat 10 times. 60-Second

Cardio Burst: Air Jump Rope (the motion without the rope)!

Cooldown: Take a couple of minutes to wind down. Walk around the room and do some light stretching.

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    • 47
      i will be trying this tomorrow after work and will let you know how i feel afterwards - 10/30/2013   8:43:05 PM
    • 46
      I just did this video and it really revs your metabolism, but I had trouble entering the exercises in the tracker. Are pelvic lifts = bridges? Standing row I thing is not included, etc. Help! - 12/13/2012   8:10:02 PM
    • MARYM1962
      if you wish to keep a copy for reference just Cut and Paste - 8/3/2012   10:53:22 AM
    • 44
      I just did this and it was GREAT!!! - 7/22/2012   12:51:26 AM
      These all look good, IF you do not have BAD KNEES! The lunges, jumping jack, jogging, jump rope, and stairs are all killers for arthritic knees. Soooo, I can do 3 of 8 exercises. - 7/6/2012   5:02:01 PM
    • 42
      My own routine is pretty similar except cuz I do it at work... no floor exercises can be done. Getting very fit ... however, what does one do w/ all the extra skin from weight loss? Esp since I'm in my late 50's, the elasticity is fairly compromised ... - 7/6/2012   10:30:43 AM
    • 41
      It would be nice if these were in a printable format to take away from the PC... - 7/5/2012   1:28:11 PM
    • 40
      Dawn - just hold one arm/hand over your chest ( or both hands if you're big as me), and get on with the exercise.
      It doesn't matter if you are in a class or other group - everyone is concentrating on what they need to do, so no-one is really paying any attention to you except for the coach/instructor. And he or she is not paying any attention to anything other than how you are doing the exercise. - 7/4/2012   6:12:29 PM
    • 39
      I tried this and it works except for the 60 sec cardio burst - I don't have a good sport bra and I bounce! I want to do this right away in the morning before getting ready for work - I think it would be a great way to start my day.
      Now to get a good sport bra... - 7/4/2012   5:05:11 PM
    • 38
      Going to try this out today. - 7/4/2012   3:13:55 PM
      I want to try these - 7/3/2012   8:07:26 PM
    • 36
      I just tried this out and it was quick and enoyable. I added this to my favorites and it will become a part of my regular routine. - 7/3/2012   5:15:44 PM
    • 35
      Yes, I will be trying this out especially since we will be going away this weekend and it seems like something I can do right in my hotel room - 7/3/2012   2:53:19 PM
    • 34
      Totally believe in this approach - I do Jillian Michaels' Body Revolution 6x/week - same principle. Awesome results. - 7/3/2012   2:50:02 PM
      This sounds like a great thing to add to my workouts, i wish there was a estimated calorie burned so i could track it. - 7/3/2012   2:11:40 PM
      Yes, I will be trying this out and I'll also be making it available to anyone else I come in contact with. What a wonderful and simple way to rev up your metabolism! - 7/3/2012   1:56:52 PM
    • 31
      I totally believe in this - 7/3/2012   1:42:39 PM
    • 30
      gotta invest in some free weights! - 7/3/2012   12:41:01 PM
    • 29
      I have circuit training class Tuesdays and Thursdays - it really is a great way to get a full body workout without getting bored. We adapt the exercises according to our fitness level and abilities, so people of all ages, shapes and sizes are included. - 7/3/2012   11:59:57 AM
    • 28
      I'm going to try this.. i hope it works - 7/3/2012   11:02:28 AM
    • 27
      I love little quicky reps like this that I have memorized and can jump to quickly if I need a metabolic boost. By dropping the bridges (getting down on the floor), this sequence can be done at work when the "droop" sets in. - 7/3/2012   11:01:10 AM
    • 26
      Looks like a good routine to do when watching TV, Will definitely try it!
      - 7/3/2012   11:00:40 AM
      between my bad knees and bad back getting down on the floor is somrthing I have not been able to do for a long time. - 7/3/2012   10:57:09 AM
    • 24
      I like this!!! I think I may need to add this to my routine. And for those who wish there was a print button, I just highlighted the article, then CTRL-C (copy, you can also right click and choose Copy from the drop-down menu). Then I opened MSWord and copied (CTRL-V, or right click and Paste) into my word document. A couple minor changes to the article and I got it down to a 2-page article to print. I'm sure I could make some other adjustments, like delete pictures and extra spacing between each exercise and get this down to 1-page. - 7/3/2012   10:31:19 AM
      Yep! I do two of these already, so I'm halfway there :() - 7/3/2012   9:34:07 AM
    • 22
      This makes sense. - 7/3/2012   9:09:46 AM
    • LBDIET1
      I definitely will try this routine. It looks simple enough and it looks like it will fit into a busy day. I agree with the others---Wish there was a print button! - 7/3/2012   9:09:19 AM
    • DAINS859
      This looks like a fast and 'easy' way to get some workouts in. I wish there was a 'print' tab, so it could be printed so I could take it with me to my workout space!!!! Please include a print tab on all you articles!!!! - 7/3/2012   8:41:28 AM
    • A-NEW-TARA
      Thanks for this simple to incorporate routine - 7/3/2012   1:12:02 AM
    • 18
      I've had a stressful, unpleasant afternoon and got very little exercise today. As soon as I started to read this blog I ran upstairs to grab my weights and just finished the routine. I feel so much better! More calm, less stressed and best of all proud of myself. Thank you! - 7/2/2012   9:47:01 PM
    • 17
      This is a great idea. I should try this workout out. So simple and no need to go to the gym! :) - 7/2/2012   9:02:05 PM
    • JULIA1154
      I'm with Shelley - I wish there were a button to add it to the tracker! I already do a variation of this but am always glad to get an expert's input. I do wish, however, that my knees didn't hate lunges so much.... - 7/2/2012   7:18:35 PM
    • 15
      I've been spoiled by the SP demos. I'd really like to see the moves in video, but I just may figure them out myself. - 7/2/2012   6:04:06 PM
    • 14
      I do some of them already but it looks very good. - 7/2/2012   5:17:18 PM
    • 13
      These sound like ideas!! - 7/2/2012   4:52:01 PM
      Sounds good, but my balance is not good enough to do them. I have 3 lb. weights, but I would fall over trying to do these positions. - 7/2/2012   2:58:51 PM
    • 11
      Definitely going to try this! Sounds like it would really get the heart rate going! :) - 7/2/2012   2:52:42 PM
    • 10
      This is similar to Jillian Michael's 30 day shred premise-- she incorporates 3 minutes of strength 2 minutes of cardio and a minute of abs-- I always feel like I get a good workout with the 30 day shred :) Will definitely use these moves. - 7/2/2012   2:36:00 PM
    • 9
      I wish there was a button to add this routine to your fitness tracker! I'll have to create a grouping, as I've printed this out and posted on the wall in my workout area. Thanks! - 7/2/2012   2:00:27 PM
    • 8
      Great for when it's too hot to go outside!! Looks great! - 7/2/2012   12:06:07 PM
    • 7
      I already do this. It's great! - 7/2/2012   10:24:46 AM
    • 6
      Sounds like fun and something I "NEED" to get back into my fitness groove. - 7/2/2012   9:50:15 AM
    • 5
      I **love** air jump rope!! I never miss LOL - 7/2/2012   9:15:57 AM
    • 4
      This is a simple workout that I will be using . Save to favorites. - 7/2/2012   8:41:55 AM
    • 3
      Interesting. My adult children do the P90X work out with Tony Horton and have had fantastic results. - 7/2/2012   7:33:28 AM
    • 2
      I will definitely be doing this in the mornings each day before work, I think adding this to my workouts will help me immensely to get strength, and work my core. - 7/2/2012   7:30:01 AM
    • 1
      This is a simplified version of what I do with The Firm videos. I will try it to see if it makes a good travel workout when I forget my videos. - 7/2/2012   7:25:01 AM

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