3 Ways to Get Back on Track During an Off Day


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We’ve all been there. We had a few fabulous days of eating healthy and exercising and then—BANG—all of a sudden life happens. A late night out with friends, a last-minute business trip, a sick child at home. You’ve either missed your designated time for fitness or you simply don’t have the energy to prepare a healthy meal. Either way, you’ve hit a wall and are having an off day. Sometimes it can take several days before you find yourself inspired enough to give your nutrition and exercise program another shot. It’s the vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting at its best, but it can be stopped.
As an expert of sport and exercise psychology, one of my objectives is to help my clients work through the off days we all inevitably experience from time to time. Here are three techniques you can use right now to not only get switched back on during an off day, but also to limit the amount of off days you have altogether. The end result is that you’ll give yourself the greatest opportunity to follow through on your daily goals and achieve your personal best mind, body and overall spirit. 
1. Undervalue the bad days and overvalue the good ones. Many people have been conditioned to harp on their mistakes while quickly moving forward from their successes. Consequently, this way of thinking and behaving robs them of the opportunity to develop maximum confidence—a cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle.

In sports, professional athletes and coaches will often say that the person who wins is usually the person who can best recover from errors. Top athletes have learned to identify their mistakes, but instead of dwelling there, they quickly learn from them and move on. They also take the time to pat themselves on the back for all of their achievements.
It’s okay to strive for perfection, but as soon as you start demanding it, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. When life gets in the way of following your diet and fitness plan to a ''T,'' take five minutes for personal reflection. Remind yourself that it’s OK if things don’t go 100 percent according to plan. It's helpful to identify the things you could better control for next time, but then quickly move on and focus on at least one achievement you have already made that day (or yesterday if it’s first thing in the morning). Taking your focus away from the negative and toward your personal strengths and accomplishments will create a boost of positive energy for finishing the day with a success.

2. Change your environment. When people have an off day, they are experiencing a reduced level of motivation for healthy living. Fortunately, there is an easy fix for this problem; research continues to prove that motivation and productivity increases when our environment changes. In fact, a commonly-used phrase in sports psychology is, ''A change is as good as a rest.''

Any type of change, such as stepping outside for some fresh air, turning on motivational music, finding a new healthy recipe, or getting off the treadmill and onto the elliptical can generate fresh motivation to help you stay on track with your diet and fitness plan. Whenever you feel a lack of motivation for your healthy lifestyle, change up at least one aspect of your environment and experience what it’s like to have your batteries recharged and motivation restored!

3. Just move. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is get off the couch and just start to move. However, once you start moving and the dopamine kicks in, you’ll find it much easier to keep going. During off days, it’s less important to stick to the pre-planned exercises or routine and more important to just get up and do something. If you really don’t feel like lifting weights, get outside and go for a walk. If you don’t feel like spending 20 minutes in the kitchen preparing a healthy meal, choose something simple to eat (that’s still healthy).
The next time you experience an off day, challenge yourself to commit 5-10 minutes to taking action on one of the three techniques above. Once you start moving, you’ll experience an amazing shift in energy, focus, confidence, and overall commitment to your healthy lifestyle.

With a Ph.D. in sport and exercise psychology, Haley Perlus is a professor, published author, international speaker and peak performance consultant. For more free tips, go to

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    Awesome! Thanks - 1/30/2018   9:24:14 AM
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    Good ideas - 1/29/2018   11:55:24 PM
    Thank you! - 12/24/2017   12:16:45 PM
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    With the help of my Smart Watch I am reminded to get moving every hour. I learned long ago not to stress over what I cannot control, it took awhile. Unnecessary stress is harmful to every aspect of life. - 10/27/2017   12:59:40 PM
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    great ideas - 10/22/2017   12:29:51 AM
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    Love sought is good,
    but given unsought is better.
    - William Shakespeare - 9/12/2017   3:14:52 PM
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    Thanks for the great ideas - 9/6/2017   6:40:19 PM
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    I'm learning on my days that I am least active I try to reserve extra calories without eating unnecessary calories. On the days I feel victorious I may overindulge but I try my hardest to value EVERYDAY! You should too. - 9/6/2017   1:15:17 PM
  • 44
    good points - 9/6/2017   11:03:14 AM
  • 43
    I expect everyone can have a bad day once in a while, I don't worry about a off day occasionally, things happen, it is only a problem when it gets to be several in a row. - 9/6/2017   10:39:12 AM
  • 42
    Like the Andrews Sisters sang, "Accentuate the positive.." - 9/6/2017   6:03:07 AM
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    Getting back on track today! - 7/25/2017   7:29:30 AM
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    Thanks for sharing! I try to move as much as I can.. - 7/5/2017   4:27:56 PM
  • 39
    I like the third one. Just get up and move! - 7/5/2017   10:01:36 AM
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    i am working to get back into the groove of working out everyday. i can tell the difference in my legs and lack of strength. - 5/26/2017   3:10:28 PM
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    Great ideas. Thanks - 5/26/2017   6:39:06 AM
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    For me whenever I feel weak & tired I just try & do some kind of activities that will give me strength again. Either cleaning the house or just move by walking or do some kind of chores. - 5/25/2017   9:33:20 PM
  • 35
    All three are great. The third has really worked for me. - 5/25/2017   12:38:43 PM
    All three suggestions are fabulous! However, the first one definitely rings true with me. I have been told that I often compare the worst of me to the best of everyone else. I do this; I admit. Changing the way I think about "bad" days (and myself) is key to moving forward in a steady manner! Love the article! Thank you. - 5/25/2017   11:18:41 AM
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    GREAT IDEAS. THANKS SP. - 5/25/2017   10:10:21 AM
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    Great ideas. Easy to do too. - 5/25/2017   9:02:27 AM
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    Great ideas here. I especially like the idea of undervaluing the bad days and overvaluing the good ones. That's something I need to work on. - 4/21/2017   8:45:31 PM
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    All good pieces of advice. We just have to utilize. - 4/10/2017   7:13:36 AM
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    Fabulous short article that I used today to motivate our 5% Shooting Star team! Thanks so much! - 10/10/2016   11:11:42 AM
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    Great article. I needed this! :D Thanks!! - 6/26/2016   12:35:06 PM
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    If only reading about something would make it so.......... - 6/26/2016   7:49:50 AM
    The holidays are over. The resolution to get back on track and motivation is high. The problem is being at home. The weather is getting colder, and I crave sugar more than ever.This is the hardest obstacle. I am on track right up until Christmas, and then the brick wall. Any suggestions? - 1/5/2016   10:40:02 PM
  • 25
    A very much needed article, thank you. The holidays, though they're supposed to be a happy time, are not for me for various reasons. One is the food! I love to cook, but the holidays brings out more "junk" food, and I don't need that. And it's hard to convey the fact to the rest of the family. Make them happy, or make them suffer with me? It's not an easy choice. - 12/28/2015   6:32:52 PM
  • NAOMI71
    It's a very good article. It's good to know I don't have to beat myself up if I'm
    having a bad day. I beat myself up so bad that I give up. - 12/27/2015   1:43:20 PM
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    I suffer with depression and it makes it difficult some days to do with what I need to do - 12/27/2015   1:27:29 PM
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    I really needed this article today. Thanks! - 12/27/2015   9:47:35 AM
  • 21
    Wonderful! Speaking from experience the "get up and move" is probably the one that works best for me. #1 reminds me of a spark quote "Persistence rather than perfection"
    Keep on keeping on works. - 10/13/2015   7:28:35 AM
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    thank you. This was exactly what I needed to hear! - 10/5/2015   9:11:15 AM
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    Thank you all for sharing, my personal problem is procrastination, But the excuses stop today I have to get my joy back, and my sexy back, so that I can be the best me mind ,body, and soul!! May God bless us all! - 9/30/2015   9:51:21 AM
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    When I am feeling really low and as though any movement is nearly impossible, I force myself to do a ten minute walking workout indoors. There are lots of these online that you can stream. It's easy -- and since it's only ten minutes, I can face it even when I am depressed. I always feel better afterwards, and often feel like moving on to a few minutes of light weights and then a stretch. Before I know it, I've done a small workout and my mood is much better. - 9/12/2015   10:49:13 AM
  • 17
    On the surface there are some good points. But.......
    "Change your environment". It's over 90 degrees with the heat index in the 100s. Get outside? You must be kidding.
    "Get up and move". Sounds so simple. It's not when you're depressed, grief-stricken or just completely worn out. The very thought of getting up and moving is paralyzing. - 7/28/2015   10:49:09 AM
  • 16
    What a good article, I love that the suggestions are clearly doable...admittedly easier said than done. The idea of simply changing things up is key...if we want change, we have to be willing to change. Hard yes, worth it? Absolutely! Over time I have come to understand no matter what kind of day it may have been, I end the day doing something that is good for me. I refuse to end the day thinking negatively. This alone helps me flip the switch in my brain so I wake up ready to take on a new day. - 7/28/2015   6:55:46 AM
  • 15
    Need to read this again--starting over once more trying to get it right this time. - 3/18/2015   4:37:43 PM
  • 14
    I had to really force myself the other day to exercise even for 10 minutes. I felt much happier. It was tough to fight through the sadness, but it was worth it. :) And totally true about harping on your bad days. That has tripped me up more times than I can count. - 6/1/2014   12:51:03 AM
  • 13
    This article is exactly what I needed. Tough weekend, both in-laws hospitalized, then kids ball games, then Mother's Day, long tough weekend. I did push myself yesterday, and got in a great workout of jogging, abs and weights. But yes I had to really push myself to do it. - 5/12/2014   9:14:35 AM
  • 12
    Sometines we get to caught up saying tomorrow, I'll start over and it never happens. This article is very helpful to my situation. - 5/6/2014   1:13:14 PM
  • 11
    This was my story yesterday! Am so I am glad I found this article today. Went to work the other night thinking I was only going to be there for a 4 hour evening shift and ended up having to stay for a full 12 hour night shift. That meant I was up for 36 hours, didn't have food packed and was at the mercy of the snack cart for my meal. Came home exhausted, made some poor food choices and fell into bed. Thankfully I was able to start over when I woke up! - 5/2/2014   1:33:22 PM
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    Thank you dr haley for your inspirational article. This will help my wife and I as we get healthy for our children.

    Just fyi the link here to your website does not work? I had to paste it into a browser - Nice website too (btw)! - 3/28/2014   2:55:26 PM
    Hi, Dr. Haley Perlus here. I have read all of your comments and I'm happy to have been able to provide you with some helpful tips for achieving your SparkPeople goals! I have personally used all of these tips for my own success which is why I trust they will work for you too:-). - 3/28/2014   1:36:09 PM
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    Thank You! Great information to know and utilize next time I experience an off day! - 3/27/2014   9:23:57 PM

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