10 Futuristic Health Products That Should Be on Your Radar


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Now that Marty McFly's self-lacing shoes are finally a reality, one thing is clear: The future is here. Getting your hands on the latest technology, though, is equal parts risky and rewarding. After all, how many people actually need $720 shoes?

With new products hitting the market every day, it can be difficult to identify the ones that can actually help you with your daily health and fitness struggles. From a fork that will force a slow-food revolution at your table to a jump rope that ensures you'll never lose count of your skips ever again, these 10 products are sure to make you feel like you're living like the Jetsons.

1. Sleep Monitor (Beddit, $79.99)
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Time to ditch your old alarm clock for good. The Beddit sleep monitor is a non-wearable sensor that you slip under your sheets. It monitors your sleep time, cycles and patterns, as well as your heart rate, any snoring and more. Connecting to your phone via Bluetooth, the monitor then sends a signal to your alarm to wake you at the most optimal hour. With sleep this good, you may never need coffee again.

2. Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Fork (HAPILABS, $66.35)

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How many times have you realized that you had been eating too quickly only after your whole dinner had disappeared from your plate? Eating quickly not only causes most people to eat past the point of actually being full, but it is also associated with uncomfortable digestive issues. Cut the bad habit with this smart fork, which alerts you with vibrations and lights when it's time to slow down. Pair it with your smartphone to get a read out of your eating stats in real time.

3. Underwater MP3 Player (FINIS, $84.99)

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Swim in silence no more. Hear your favorite playlist clear as a bell as you perfect your butterfly stroke with this waterproof MP3 player. Clip the device right on your goggles and play up to 60 hours of music.

4. Smart Socks (Sensoria Fitness, $199)
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Feel like you're running too slow? Too fast? How's your gait? Get immediate feedback on your runs with these comfortable, moisture-wicking smart socks. The socks' sensors and anklet pair up with an app that guides your runs with real-time cues.
5. Smart Ring (Motiv, $199)
Photo courtesy of Motiv.

For some, activity trackers can be too clunky and obvious. If you would prefer a more subtle wearable that still has all the benefits of a bracelet or watch, try the Motiv ring. With a battery life of up to five days, you can leave the ring on 24/7 and let it record your activity, heart rate and sleep. Check your stats and keep your goals on track with the integrated Motiv app on your smartphone. Finally, tracking-meets-fashion has never been so cool.
6. Hybrid Modern Pursuit Smart Watch (Fossil, $155)

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If you love the idea of a smart watch but hate the look, then a hybrid version could be the answer. Compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems, this sleek hybrid watch will track your steps and send you alerts about activity on your phone. Now you can step out (and count those steps) in style.

7. Smart Rope (Tangram Factory, starting at $79.99)

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Track your fitness mid-air with this LED-embedded jump rope that displays your jump count as you go. The rope syncs with your smartphone to track your jumps, calorie burn, workout times and more. Compete with your friends for added fun.

8. Bicycle Smartphone Mount (TaoTronics, $15.99)

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It's hard enough to reach your water bottle while biking, much less dig around for your phone. This phone mount holds your phone safely and securely right on your handlebars so you can view your route or explore new ones as you go. The mount is also guarded on all sides in case of an accidental fall and releases with the push of a button.

9. Mindfulness and Activity Tracker (Spire, $129.95)

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With stressful jobs and increasingly busy schedules, the concept of mindfulness has worked its way into our lexicon over the course of the last few years. If you're someone who struggles with slowing down your breathing in moments where you feel out of control, this activity tracker can help. By alerting you when it's time to breathe, the tracker can help guide you toward more periods of focus, calm and productivity. You can also learn more about your stress patterns and view your periods of high stress by location, time and activity with daily and weekly reports from the tool's app integration. It also counts your steps, calories and activities. Just clip it on and go!

10. Body Composition Scanner and Monitor (Skulpt, $99)

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Measure your muscle and fat composition with this full-body scanning device. With the Skulpt app, you can then read your personalized analysis and use that information to burn fat and build muscle strength where you are weakest, all while lessening the risk of injury.

Which of these tech toys would you use? Tell us in the comments.

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    I wouldn't use any of them - just for starters they are all extremely expensive, I really don't see that they are necessary either. - 6/25/2017   11:09:05 AM
    None. Expensive. Unnecessary. Not all of us want to be Mister ir Ms. Gadget. - 6/18/2017   10:34:13 PM
  • 87
    One word, expensive! - 6/3/2017   10:59:58 AM
    is it necessary to get them - 6/1/2017   12:53:44 AM
  • 85
    A smart fork??? Oh come on!! These gadgets are just too far out as far as I am concerned!! - 5/25/2017   8:06:45 AM
  • 84
    Interesting stuff but looks expensive if you get it all. And is it all necessary? - 5/25/2017   7:10:32 AM
  • 83
    Wow is all I can say. Is all this really necessary? - 5/24/2017   11:38:47 PM
  • 82
    Interesting - 5/24/2017   9:48:10 PM
  • 81
    These look really interesting. I think the bike mount has some features that would please avid cyclists. I'm very happy with my Fitbit One-not as fancy as the newer Fitbits but it has just what I need for me. While the bells and whistles always sound great, I have found that I don't always use them to their full potential so it is a waste of the extra money to get the super fancy. I have learned to determine what I'm trying to accomplish with something I'm buying and then can easily cross off the more expensive add-ons that I won't use and get it down to affordable and what I will really use for me. I think everyone needs to make their own decisions on what they would like to have and folks that aren't interested or think these are silly are equally entitled to not buy them. I don't think putting folks down who are interested in some new tech should be put down by those who have decided they can do it without the new tech. To each his own and no one should not have to justify either way. - 5/24/2017   10:13:53 AM
  • 80
    Underwater MP3 player. I NEED that! The only thing I don't like about swimming laps is that I can't listen to music. - 5/24/2017   9:25:06 AM
  • 79
    I like the ring idea. - 5/24/2017   9:13:23 AM
  • 78
    No Smartphone so unfortunately these aren't too useful to me. Love the ring idea though for a tracker, but my fingers don't fit rings well because of being so knobby and bent from RA. - 5/24/2017   9:09:17 AM
  • 77
    These look really good! --I want them all! - 5/24/2017   7:33:19 AM
  • 76
    I'd love a bike phone mount that was really stable. I've already tried one in the same price range that had good Amazon reviews and it was a bust, so I'm leery to try another one. - 5/24/2017   7:29:14 AM
  • 75
    Seems like these are products for people that want to be connected all the time but not for me. - 5/24/2017   12:44:19 AM
  • 74
    It seems like these would be great gift items for anyone who loves to be connected all the time - not for me. - 5/18/2017   8:26:05 AM
    I will definitely try the Fit Ring. I killed 2 wrist trackers and I love the idea the ring is small and not very obvious. - 5/9/2017   10:02:49 AM
    So many things to help us stay fit...............Thank You. - 5/8/2017   9:03:00 PM
  • 71
    A few things for future purchase. I should track more than food and excercize!! - 5/8/2017   8:19:18 PM
    Got to get back into training mode first - 5/8/2017   7:02:59 AM
  • 69
    Beddit for me! - 5/7/2017   11:29:22 PM
  • 68
    I would use the smart ring for sure. - 5/7/2017   7:14:38 AM
  • WBERRY57
    I would use BEDDIT, Smart Fork and Smart Ring mainly because wrist bands give me rashes and the Smart Fork as I eat too fast. I love new tech stuff. - 5/5/2017   12:41:02 AM
  • 66
    a few things to think about and save the money for them - 5/5/2017   12:29:16 AM
  • 65
    Some good suggestion - 5/4/2017   10:41:19 PM
    All these things are worth considering, if they can be of some help in your journey. - 5/4/2017   9:32:16 PM
  • 63
    Not for me! - 5/4/2017   4:35:52 AM
  • 62
    These items are interesting but not really cost effective or necessary for me to use. - 5/3/2017   10:51:42 PM
    The forks are one of the dumbest things I have ever seen - 5/3/2017   10:06:23 PM
  • 60
    Neat gadgets! - 5/3/2017   8:21:32 PM
  • 59
    GREAT - 5/3/2017   5:42:22 PM
  • CATLADY1955
    I am still waiting to get a smart phone. I can't justify spending this kind of money on "toys" so close to retirement. - 5/3/2017   2:24:24 PM
  • 57
    Love all the ideas! - 5/3/2017   12:43:21 PM
  • 56
    These are interesting, but not very practical. - 5/3/2017   12:40:59 PM
  • 55
    I like the ring and the watch. - 5/3/2017   7:50:36 AM
  • 54
    Eating too fast has NEVER been my problem. LOL. A lot of this stuff seems like fluff. Just more things to squander money and material resources on. What do people do with the things that most of these items replace? Add them to a landfill?? Most people already have far too much *stuff*. Even more stuff is NOT the answer. And, if it were an answer, what would be the question? - 5/2/2017   11:34:41 PM
  • 53
    That my motiv ring is interesting because there are a lot of times when the FitBit is too big too awkward etc. Also it reminds me of the Bio Ring "scam" on crowdsourcing which allegedly tracked your food without you having to remember and enter the info. - 5/2/2017   11:29:45 PM
  • 52
    Great suggestions - 5/2/2017   8:47:20 PM
  • 51
    Hoping to possibly buy a fitness bracelet online. Can't afford a real fit bit on my wage. - 5/2/2017   8:19:25 PM
  • 50
    I would like to try the body composition scanner and monitor. I think it would be a very helpful weight lose aid. - 5/2/2017   6:11:52 PM
  • 49
    Just the bike mount for me! - 5/2/2017   5:12:09 PM
    I'd try them all to see what they are about! - 5/2/2017   4:59:24 PM
  • DDLBF5
    Bike mount looks useful
    - 5/2/2017   4:41:26 PM
  • 46
    oops, posted twice the same comment. - 5/2/2017   4:29:07 PM
  • 45
    I like the underwater mp3 player, the smart skip rope, the bike phone holder and the body composition scanner and monitor. The one I like best is the last one, if it really works. - 5/2/2017   4:29:06 PM
  • 44
    There is an app called "sleep as android" that is practically free and does everything that the sleep monitor that they are publicizing does. I love that and my Fitbit Alta to take care of me. - 5/2/2017   2:42:17 PM
  • 43
    Dumb! - 5/2/2017   2:36:31 PM
  • 42
    I like them all but I still would go old school when it comes to working out because no tool is 85% - 100% to me. You could go with anyone of these to promote healthier habits. - 5/2/2017   1:23:33 PM
  • 41
    I think some people must have more money than sense. I wouldn't spend my hard-earned bucks on any of these toys. Yes, they are definitely more toys than tools. - 5/2/2017   12:53:44 PM
  • 40
    I love my UP2 activity tracker, but the ring is really appealing to me. I find I don't wear bracelets as often anymore because they clash with my purple tracker band. The smart fork is interesting too. I don't see anything wrong with buying gadgets if you think they're cool. Some folks are just real Debbie Downers around here! - 5/2/2017   12:44:31 PM

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